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Create - Courses, digital products, Quizzes, Cohort based live sessions

Delve into the process of creating engaging courses, digital products, and quizzes. This course covers everything from content planning and creation to setting up live cohort-based sessions, providing you with the skills to create compelling learning experiences.

How to create Courses?

Module Description

Start by setting up the course structure with engaging titles and detailed descriptions. Add rich content including videos, texts, and interactive elements. Finally, organize these into coherent modules or chapters.

How to Create a Course?

How to create Digital Products?

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How to Create Digital Products: Identify a need or interest, then develop a product like eBooks, templates, or toolkits. Create the content, ensuring it's valuable and well-designed. Make it downloadable, including pricing and delivery options.

How to Create a Digital Product?

How to create Quizzes?

Module Description

How to Create Quizzes: Choose a topic related to your course, then write clear, concise questions with multiple choice or true/false answers. Incorporate feedback for each response to guide learners. Finally, integrate the quiz into your course for interactive learning.

How to Create Quizzes?

Cohort based live sessions

Module Description

How to Conduct Cohort-Based Live Sessions: Plan the session outline and objectives. Schedule the session using a reliable platform that supports live interaction, like Zoom integrated with Utobo. Engage participants with interactive elements such as Q&A, polls, and group discussions.

How to Create a Cohort based Live Class?

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