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Market - Blogs, Coupon, Lead Capture forms, Email campaigns

Discover marketing strategies to promote your courses using blogs, coupons, lead capture forms, and email campaigns. Learn how to attract and retain students by creating compelling content and offers.


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Blogs serve as a dynamic tool to share insights, updates, and tutorials related to your courses or industry. They help establish credibility, improve SEO, and engage your audience. Regularly update your blog with relevant content to keep your audience informed and interested.

Create blogs

Lead Capture forms

Module Description

Lead capture involves collecting potential customers' contact information through forms, subscriptions, or registrations. It's crucial for building a database of interested individuals whom you can nurture into customers. Effective lead capture often provides value in exchange, such as free resources, course samples, or newsletters.

Lead Capture

Email campaigns

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Email campaigns are targeted efforts to communicate with your audience directly in their inboxes. They can include newsletters, course announcements, special offers, or educational content. Use email campaigns to nurture leads, engage existing students, promote courses, and provide personalized updates to your audience.

Create Email Campaigns


Module Description

Coupons are a strategic marketing tool to attract new students and retain existing ones by offering discounts. They can be used to promote new courses, reward loyal customers, or boost sales during slow periods. Customize your coupon campaigns with various discounts, validity periods, and applicable courses or products.

Create Coupons

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